‘Chronicles of a Head of Digital’ – 30

So this week I thought a quick catch up on work events might be prudent. It’s been a while since I did a ‘what have I done this week’, so to give you all a welcome respite (unless I decide to write something later) from my pontificating on the world around me, here is a list of five things for you to consume:

  1. Marketo – Fully automated outbound campaign conceived, built, delivered and managed. From the seed of initial concepts, playing with data to best inform creative, the development of said creative around the global brand but tailored specifically for the UK market, crossing email, smart lists, landing pages, Marketo forms, smart campaigns within the program(me) – pushing data through delivery and interaction back to SFDC and spanning social channel assets and offline collateral to complete that picture. Next one is mid-build.
  2. Marketo/Kentico EMS – Automation and CMS nirvana beckons. Looking at planning a global and local campaign and brand delivery across platforms. Automation channels in two pots. It’s the year of the data monkey, and here we go again. Cross-population, seeding and optimisation ahoy. Everything from the hosting to the ongoing creative. Happy days in Furby Land.
  3. Kentico CMS – More sites being planned including a family of five spanning a group of companies, extensions to existing sites, renewal programmes, upgrades, and more. Kentico fun and, oh look, v11 is out now for early poking around with.
  4. Mapping – Stage 1 post-consultation, I am currently mapping out our new client’s digital real estate. Looking at the existing, what works and what doesn’t to best utilise existing assets and messaging to then scope out and build the detailed brief for next steps. Channels, to pages, to UX and user-/customer-centric science leading the charge to build out the brand to a market-leading position. Long-term scopes and upfront detail give longevity to brand and solution as well as building out those all-important detailed briefs to get the right heads and hands on the right bits at the right times for properly focused activity.
  5. Data – More data I hear you cry! Why the data…? Well currently, you can tie up most things under this umbrella. This one is looking at SEO/PPC/SMM and all that extension of brand through targeting shenanigans. This week, looking at long-term brand placement and growth. Why stab at the answers when we have the data to build out the strategy from? Small steps in the right order. Design by science. User-centric planning. Customer-focused builds. Call it what you will… I stuck it under the data umbrella.

In reality, this is the tip of it all but it’ll do for a Friday morning as I’m sure you don’t want to hear about all the other bits ’n’ bobs including emails, landing pages, portal skins, GreenSock animation, future scoping, eye tracking, geo locating, gamification, social activities and my new odd socks. I’ll leave those for another day.

Stay hungry out there. And remember….


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