‘Chronicles of a Head of Digital’ – 29

As with many things in life, as a society we will look back and see the wisdom of Craig David. Not just chilling on a Saturday after a full week of courting, but he also extolls the benefits of walking away.

And this is important. Obviously you need to come back, but in an, albeit, ethereal sort of way walking away is a healthy thing to extoll.

What do I mean? Talking proper tosh and nonsense this week I hear you cry. But no, this has meaning.

For me, and Big Chris (deep dev guy), we walk away from our world of pixels, code and future thinking by picking up a sketch book and a marking device of choice, some drawing pens for me, a brush pen for him, and losing an hour or two here and then to do some drawing.

Nothing work-related or digital-related, just a drawing. Escapism. Walking away.

Our styles are very different: Big Chris is a detail man, almost photorealistic in his work, mine are a bit looser, some might say slap dash, but the escapism is the point in case. Not the style.

These days, I always have a sketchbook in my bag. It works. Just this week, I got to Chiswick Park for a meeting a bit early so grabbed a coffee and sat in the sun and sketched. No work thoughts, no emails, just sketched. Got the old head in a good place for the meeting ahead.

I can sit somewhere and sketch what I see in front of me or continue my ongoing designs for my water-front house ‘PorthFurby’ up a creek on the Roseland in Cornwall.

Taking yourself away from the day to day is a brilliant exercise.

Be it your day-to-day coding, future thinking, recruiting, selling, fixing, making or whatever, make yourself time to walk away.

Whether you draw, write, photograph, read, cook or potter, just do it. And art (in all its forms) is a brilliant thing to use. You appreciate the minor details, the shifting of light, the movement of verse or words on a page. You construct, deconstruct, bash things together for an end result. A tangible thing. It’s so rewarding. And it does expand the mind.

And when you come back to your day-to-day thing, you do so with clarity of thought and a clear perspective. You can now see the wood from the trees.

Do it. Go on.

Easier said than done to get rolling. Beforehand, you have the fear, and the worry that you are rubbish. Poo to that – just get going, and to hell with the end result. Do it for you, and the more you do it the more you find your own way of doing it. Do it privately and keep it quiet or share afterwards. Do it on your own or with people, there are no rules. It’s the walking away that is important, and having a thing to walk away too is the money shot here, and something you enjoy. That way you are more likely to do it. And then come back refreshed.

Turn off and do something different. You will come back refreshed and on the ball. And your new perspective will have benefits to the day to day. You might even enjoy it and get the bug.

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