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‘Chronicles of a Head of Digital’ – 32

So I’ve been doing a bit of data over here from the chair of power. I do a lot of data… Nothing too exhaustive, just a random pull across a variety of campaigns from the real world of the B2B sector. No sexy FMCG outbound or experiential, just B2B...

‘Chronicles of a Head of Digital’ – 31

Time to pontificate about the importance of the big picture once again, wrapped around some personal anecdotes. It’s a bit of a continuation of previous posts about focusing on the right bits, and planning and stuff like that, but let’s broaden it...

‘Chronicles of a Head of Digital’ – 30

So this week I thought a quick catch up on work events might be prudent. It’s been a while since I did a ‘what have I done this week’, so to give you all a welcome respite (unless I decide to write something later) from my pontificating on the world...

‘Chronicles of a Head of Digital’ – 29

As with many things in life, as a society we will look back and see the wisdom of Craig David. Not just chilling on a Saturday after a full week of courting, but he also extolls the benefits of walking away. And this is important. Obviously you need to...